Deluxe 8qt Gold Accent Soup Chafer Dish

Deluxe 8qt Gold Accent Soup Chafer Dish


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Dress up your events with this Deluxe 8 qt. gold accent soup chafer!

Moments' Chafer Dishes keeps your food/ beverages warm, and it maintains its temperature for a longer period of time. However, its main ability is not to warm up the food/ beverages inside, those should be at a desirable temperature when placed inside our chafing dishes.


Chafer Basics

1) Place water pan in frame
2) Add one inch of hot water
3) Place fuel in fuel holder
4) Light fuel
5) Warm for 20 minutes
6) Add hot food

Overall Dimensions

  • Diameter:16 1/2 Inches
  • Height:13 Inches
  • width: 16 1/2 Inches
  • Capacity:8 qt.

Chafer Includes:

  • Water pan:1
  • Food pan:1
  • Cover with handle:1
  • Fuel holder:1

Additional can fuel (sterno) are available for purchase.

Important notes:

Make sure your chafer has water in the water-bath section at all times. Lack of water can lead to burnt food and ruined chafers.
There is no need to wash the trays after use, however we request that you remove any food debris before pikckup/return.

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