Frequently Asked Questions

Q.How do I make a reservation?
A.All quotes have informational purposes only and do not guarantee availability of rental equipment. Making your party and event reservations at Moments Party Rentals is fast and easy. Browse through the website and explore all the categories, as you see items of your preference just click the "Add to Cart" button on every product page. When you click the checkout button an informational quote is going to be sent to your email and the order can be concluded. Feel free to request a quote over the phone, we will be happy to assist you.
Q.When is payment due for my order?
A.To guarantee your reservation, an immediate deposit of 50% of total order is required. Deposit is not refundable. Please be advised that items are only removed from inventory for your event after deposit has been placed. The remaining balance is due 7 DAYS PRIOR DELIVERY DATE. The balance will be charged on the credit card on file. We will send an email reminder email, in case you opt to pay with another payment method, let us know after the reminder balance email.
Q.What is your cancellation policy?
A.Our cancellation policy is as follows: * ALL deposits are non-refundable. For cancellations before 30 days of delivery we will retain the amount of the deposit placed in a Raincheck (good for 1 year toward a future event). * TENTS AND DANCE FLOOR: All TENTS AND DANCE FLOOR orders cancelled within 15 days of delivery are due in full, (100%). If you have paid the deposit (50%) of your order the remaining balance is going to be charged on the credit card on file and no rainchecks will be applied. * ALL other rentals: (tables, chairs, linens, backdrops and others) - If you need to cancel your order, we require up to 7 days FROM DELIVERY notice. Orders cancelled within less than 7 days OF DELIVERY date, we retain 50% of the order as a cancellation penalty fee. The remaining balance is going to be applied as a raincheck. If you cancel within 15 days, the cancellation penalty towards the raincheck value is 30%. Before that timeframe cancellation requests, no penalty fee applies. All requests for cancellation within 48 hours of delivery date are due in full, no rain checks will be provided. If you would like to reschedule your event, please note that rescheduling fee applies. Rescheduling Fee: $99
Q.Do you provide Delivery & Pick up services?
A.Yes, delivery is available for orders of $100 and up. Please be advised there is a fee for all deliveries. The delivery fee is charged according to distance from our warehouse. Please provide as much information about delivery location as you can, obstacles, distance from the property incurs extra fees. If you don't meet the minimum required for delivery, you can always add more items or pay the difference to meet the requirement. Please be advised that we offer pickup option at the warehouse (not all items can be picked up at the warehouse). Contact our office for details.
Q.How long is your rental period?
A.Rental period is per day. It doesn’t mean 24 hours. If you want the rentals from 4:00 Pm rental period is until 10:00 of same day. Our team returns for pickup the next day. If you want to stay longer with the rentals, we charge full rental for the first day and 50% rental the second day forward. We offer scheduled delivery time service (pickup as well) at the same day (fee applies).
Q.What is damage waiver?
A.It is a fee that covers reasonable, accidental damage to the equipment incurred with normal use. As per our policy, it is required for ALL orders. Damage waiver is not a liability insurance, it doesn’t cover missed, stolen or damages due to improper use. Please be advised that it doesn’t cover misuse, loss, or negligence. Damage waiver fee it is non-refundable. All rentals are subject to a $50 minimum fee for misuse/negligence. The amount may increase with type and scope of misuse. Misuse includes but it is not limited to: Wood equipment left unprotected from weather, wet linens placed inside the plastic bags, items not stacked and ready to go for pickup (except if teardown service was purchased). Our office is going to communicate through email about misuse with pictures to prove and we will charge the credit card on file.
Q.What are examples of what damage waiver covers?
A.Example of damage waiver covers: * Minor damages: Items that are damaged through normal use such as small table scratches, tables and chairs bottom caps missing, glassware cracks, etc. * Breakage: Items broken through normal use such as broken handle, etc. * Linens: Food and drink stains caused by normal use of linens. Tent wear and tear: Physical damage caused by acts of nature (hail, rain, wind, snow) to the rented installed tent. DOES NOT cover any damage caused by the tent to the surrounding area, property, or other rental items. DOES NOT cover damages to customer installed tents.
Q.What are examples of what damage waiver does not cover?
A.Example of items NOT covered on damage waiver: *Any missing items *Theft, vandalism, or other dishonest acts towards rentals items either by you, person in your employ or a third party. *Negligence such as items left out in the rain, items improperly secure during transportation, items dragged across rough surfaces, etc. *Linens: Burn holes, wax, ink stains, tear, and excessive soiling of linens beyond normal use causing mildew. Item will be replaced and card on file will be charged. Linens are inspected and washed and damage is expected to be defined within 5 days of return of the rentals. *Tents: Any damage not caused by weather such as rips and tears from sharp implements, excessive tape, paint, strings, or any other human caused damages.
Q.What do I do if I have to cancel my event?
A.Please contact our office, call, text or email us for requesting a cancellation. Please be advised that we don't refund money to your account or credit card. We issue a rain check in your account in the amount of the deposit required good for up to 1 year. Please check our cancellation policy for penalty fees. If you want to request to use your Rain check please be aware that is based on availability of inventory for your new date, office approval and subject to price changes. If the delivery team has loaded the van and/or left the warehouse for delivery and client requests cancellation we won't issue any rain checks. Please note, your event can only be rescheduled twice when you are using your rain check.
Q.Do you provide visits to event location before the delivery?
A.Yes, upon request and availability of the team we can provide a visit before the event. Contact us to schedule a site visit and someone from our team will make an appointment for you. Please be advised that you are welcome to come to our showroom and check our rentals in person. If you would like to book an appointment to a visit guided by one of our team experts, click on the link to schedule your visit:
Q.What do I do if I have an emergency with the rental equipment during my rental period?
A.If you are having any problems with our equipment, and in need of assistance during your event while our office is closed, please contact us by EMAIL only, someone from our team will assist you as soon as we can. I.E. Malfunction on a concession machine, to notify us about a damage on inventory, and so forth. Our phone is not monitored after hours. Please email us at:
Q.Do I need to call Miss Utility prior to tent installation?
A.Yes. The customer is responsible to call MISS UTILITY.'s Office at the number 811 or Please be advised that you are required to contact Miss Utility's office before you plan to dig - this also applies when staking/anchoring a tent, canopy, fabric shelter, or structure. After calling, your local utility company will mark (or spot) the location of underground utility lines at your installation site. Our tents' stakes are 10 to 12 inches deep into the ground. Our tent team need the site ready, marked and directed by the customer where to install the tent(s). If you think that can be any underground issue, please contact MISS UTILITY. Moments Party Rentals is not responsible and will not be held liable for any cost related to an underground issue, as stated in our quote, receipt and agreement.
Q.What are delivery's extra fees?
A.We charge extra for delivery obstacles such as: Events at Parks/ Public space: $99; Requires Moments' Delivery Team to carry/ transport rental items due to a farther parking space/ loading dock from the event's location. Venues/ Buildings/ Apartments: $99; The use of stairs and/ or elevators can slow our Delivery Team's drop off time. Ext. Walking Distance 20' and beyond: $99; For events, where there is a long walking distance from Moments Vehicles' parked location to event location. Same Day Delivery and Pick Up: $149; Customer requires a drop off and pick up at a specific time and on the same day (mostly venue events). Same Day Delivery: $99; Customer only requires a delivery on the same day of event at a specific time. Same Day Pick Up: $99; Customer only requires a pick up on the same day of event at a specific time. Please be advised that if customer does not mention an obstacle when quoting with us or buying online, and our delivery team arrives finding obstacles are on the way, charges will be duly applied.
Q.What is replacement fee and when is it applied?
A.Repair/replacement/misuse/negligence: Our warehouse team has up to 5 days after pickup to access damages extension after pickup. Replacement fee is a penalty that applies to CREDIT CARD ON FILE to ALL damaged items that ARE NOT COVERED BY DAMAGE WAIVER. Our delivery team makes the first assessments on site, gets the form signed about the damages/missing items by the client. If customer is not at event location at pickup moment, our delivery team takes pictures and fill out the pickup form. When the items arrive back to our house, after the damage is assessed, our team will communicate by email with customer and send the pictures of the item damaged or communicate about an item that was not returned to us (lost/stolen). After that we send an updated receipt with the replacement charge for the item damaged and or lost. Once payment has been processed for replacement, if you would like to keep the damaged item (doesn’t apply for repaired items, replacement ONLY) you have the option to pickup the item at a scheduled time at our warehouse or request delivery from our team (one way delivery fee applies). We keep the damage item for 7 days, after that period item is discarded.
Q.Are we responsible for the item if it gets a tear or damaged in any way?
A.Yes and no. You are not responsible for normal wear and tear on our units. Seams may develop tears in high traffic areas over a period of time. If this happens please alert us at once so we can remedy the situation. If however, damage occurs due to failure to follow our safety rules or negligence, you will be responsible for all damages up to and including replacement of the item, which can cost thousands of dollars. We don't want you or us to be in that situation which is why we have you sign and initial on all of our safety rules.
Q.Can I modify my order?
A.When you request a quote, our team will send you a review request for you to approve and/or make changes. After reviewing, the minimum deposit must be place to reserve your items. If after that process you still need to make changes, our policy is as follows: Decreasing items: * Tent and dance floor orders: 15 days before DELIVERY DATE. You can make a change to your order requesting to decrease the quantity of items, if your delivery date is more than 15 days of your request. After that, we can decrease but no refunds are made. The remaining balance will be adjusted and if paid in full you will be given store credit. For all other items: 7 days before DELIVERY DATE. (If your order has a tent and/or a dance floor, 15 days rule apply) Increasing items: If you would like to add items, if we have inventory availability we can do it so up to 48 hours of your DELIVERY DATE. Remaining balance will be applied to credit card on file.
Q.What are your overnight procedures?
A.Moments Party Rentals offers overnight rentals. Please be advised that overnight hours are from 10 PM to 7 AM. Our equipment needs to be placed in a safe location while rented overnight. All of Moments’ rented inventory overnight must be placed in a secure location to avoid damage. The customer is responsible for the equipment while in their possession. Be sure equipment is secured when not in use and protected from the weather. Customers may pick up and return orders the next day direct from our warehouse. Items you are picking up must fit safely inside your vehicle. You are responsible for loading, unloading, and securing the load in your vehicle; however, at your request, we can assist you. Moments Party Rentals’ staff will exercise care when assisting you but cannot be responsible for damage to the vehicle or personal property that may occur during loading, unloading, or transport. Rental items need to be returned to their point of delivery. Linens should be dry and returned in the bags or bins provided (make sure fabric items are not damp to avoid mildew). Tables and chairs should be taken down and stacked and ready for pick up. All items should be ready in a single location, secured, protected from the elements, and ready for pick up. Items not meeting these conditions are subject to additional fees.
If you have any other questions, please feel free to call us any time at: 301-844-8424

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